Urucu Media is a South African, independent film and media Production Company based out of Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Head of the company Elias Ribeiro brings with him a worldwide network and track record. Urucu Media has partnered with the new generation of South African filmmakers who strive to tell original, authentic and entertaining local but universal stories that will resonate with both domestic audiences as well as international viewers.

The Urucu plant is an exotic plant native to the tropical forests of Brazil. Held within its hard exterior lies the seeds that produce a thick red liquid. When mature, the seeds are harvested, ground, pounded and blended to be used as body paint by the natives and subtle flavour to cuisine. In the same way these raw products have been used to create art, Urucu media is a company that believes every project holds the seeds to become art. Mixing together talent and hard work, we hope to bring as rich a colour and flavour to your project as the Urucu seeds do.

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